Monday, November 5, 2007

I have long held designs on conquering various intriguing recipes that all have one element in common -- their use of the ubiquitous black bean. But I didn't want canned black beans. After all, why go for a preserved, ultra-salty product when I could just as easily get my mitts on dry beans? So I bought a bag of Goya's dry black beans . . . and it has been sitting in my pantry for at least the past month. Why? Because I haven't taken the initiative to soak them for the twenty-four hours prior to my need of them. Blame my inner and very active procrastinator. However, the game is about to change because, at this very moment, I have a commune of black beans relaxing in a bowl of water, waiting to blossom into a tasty meal tomorrow. Will it be a black bean burger, or a Mexican soup? Or perhaps something else entirely . . . . Only tomorrow will tell! Regardless of what I decide, however, I am excited about my next culinary caper. Suggestions and prognostications are very much welcome. I am considering using at least some of my beans to solve this problem.

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  1. I love black beans too. They're too much of a pain in the behind to make regularly (because of all the soaking and boiling and rinsing and finding little rocks in them later, etc) but I do LOVE black bean soup.


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