Friday, November 16, 2007

Ahh, Friday. The not-quite end of the week, the not-quite beginning of the weekend. I love Fridays in the some way that I enjoy the trailers when I go to see a movie in the theater -- I'm watching something fun and new and often well put together, but the movie itself hasn't started so all the anticipation and excitement at popcorn-scented entertainment is still there. Fridays are the same way for me.

I thought it would be fun to participate in Flashback Friday this week. In fact, I had already been thinking about doing an "unofficial" flashback post today even before I discovered an actual meme for it, intrepid muffin that I am. So today's flashback hearkens back to a fun and sneaky cookie-making adventure that the Best Husband Ever and I embarked upon in April of this year. I give you this photo and the caption I wrote for it at the time.

A recent addition to the IV house in the last few weeks has been a can of creole seasoning. I find this seasoning extremely intriguing. At first I thought it was rather repulsive, but also liked the smell of it. After trying some on a biscuit (not the best choice), I thought it would actually be pretty awesome in a burger. I've since heard that it's great with chicken and cooked with vegetables. The can itself, however, purports to be "great on everything." Josh and I decided to test this claim.
Today we baked a batch of chocolate chip peanut butter cookies (yum!). One of these cookies had a bit of seasoning sprinkled on top, and two had quite substantial pockets of seasoning concealed in their centers. I tried the first of the creole cookies, and it just seemed extra salty but not so bad. Brad was our first and only victim, picking out one of the creole-centered cookies. After a few bite he asked if we had added pepper. When he rejected the cookie, I tried some, and it was pretty darn spicy. Josh had the last creole cookie, and didn't like it too much either. So is creole seasoning "great on everything"? After careful analysis, I think we can safely say that it is not.

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