Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome to Muffin Love! I decided to start this blog for a few possibly interesting and probably schizophrenic reasons:

  • I enjoy cooking (and I hope you do, too, or are at least open to the possibility. I didn't used to like cooking -- in fact, I detested it and microwaved as much as is possible without turning into a human Hot Pocket).
  • I have a not-so-closeted addiction to looking at all things food online: recipe sites, cooking/foodie blogs, photos on sites such as Flickr, and so forth. In short, I am a food porn junkie.
  • I wanted to legitimize said food porn addiction.
  • I hoped to join the legions of talented and witty food bloggers that I already follow.
  • I wanted to share my successes, failures, and moderately above-average cooking adventures with the world (or at least the food niche of the blogosphere).
  • I like to write, and am sometimes good at it.
  • I enjoy blogging, but often find myself without a topic (check out my general blog, Wannabe Cowgirl for more procrastinatory pleasure).
So here it is -- the vaguely thought-out love child of my inner geek, my writerly tendencies, and, of course, my enjoyment of cooking.

What type of cooking do I find myself playing with the most? You may well ask. At the moment I am addicted to healthy cooking, and especially healthy baking. I have a not - so - healthy lust for all things carbohydrate, and muffins are my all-time favorite form of caloric splurging (closely seconded by pie). Unfortunately for us sad band of muffin compatriots, most store- or bakery-bought muffins are extremely unhealthy, loaded with bad fats, buckets of sugar, and the like. I decided to try to bake (and cook in general) with more healthful options, like substituting honey or apple sauce for sugars, bananas for butter, and so forth. That's the type of culinary questing you will find on this plucky wee site (yes, I just used the word "wee"). It's true -- you too can prevent death by muffins with the aide of my indispensable bloggy wisdom!! Or something.

So enjoy. Welcome to my blog, and please feel free to comment or email with questions, thoughts, stories of your own adventures, or the newest hits in muffin quotations. Muffin on!

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